About Montezuma

Montezuma is located to the south of the Nicoya Peninsula. It is a small rural environment and an important tourist town. Because of this, the community is a mix of local and foreign people. The residents of Montezuma are known for their bohemian attitude and artistic expressions.

Its landscape beauty is evident, its geography is located within high cliffs and a exuberant forest, where small rivers are poured to form three scenic waterfalls which are emblematic of Costa Rica.

The first waterfall is the highest of the three, under this are found great swimming holes, to relax and enjoy the day. The second waterfall is about 13 meters high, and the third is arround 3 meters high. The third waterfall is very crowded due to the natural pool and cliffs. Montezuma Waterfalls turn into a great day of adventure for the whole family, because it is one of the best attractions.

Stories of life in Montezuma

Nidia Leal Olivares,

Suntrails Tours, employee

I came to Montezuma when I was 15 years old. Montezuma was a small town where there was no
electricity, we lit with candles or canfineras in Montezuma center had an electric plant that was of Mr. Arnoldo Rojas, known as “Nono” the plant he had worked with water, Nono had a TV where all the people gathered and when water was going off all the people ran to take the water to see television.

In montezum there was no streets for traveling to Cóbano, Cabuya, Delicias, among others. We had to go on foot, horse or oxen. We were in the town a small pharmacy, two grocery stores, a tailor, a shoemaker, a small cafe, a grocer, a husking (rice), a school, a police station (to communicate was by telegram) had also a ballroom named “pachanga”; households were wooden or
palm huts. The owner of the small pharmacy called apothecary named Don Carlos Jadeo, the grocer was Don Daniel Quintanilla, the shoemaker Francisco Maltese, the tailor Don Efren Elizondo, there was also a saddler (saddle horse) named Mario Mata, the owners of the two groceries were Rafael Rojas and Don Quirino Gonzales.



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